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Launched in 1996, Hong Kong Noodles Manufacturing was set up by a group of Hong Kongers who wanted to bring the taste of authentic Hong Kong noodles to Singapore. 


Drawing on their decades of experience in running Cantonese restaurants, our founders employ traditional noodle-making techniques that have remained unchanged since the start of the business. Customers say that our noodles retain the traditional taste (古早味) and are springy without a strong alkaline taste.   


Our fresh noodles are produced daily from high-quality ingredients. The use of fresh eggs instead of pasteurised eggs or egg powder gives our noodles a strong eggy flavour while they are springy thanks to the use of high-protein flour imported from Australia and Canada.


Our Gallery

Our founders use traditional noodle-making methods that have not altered since the company's inception, drawing on their decades of experience managing Cantonese restaurants.

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