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Our Key Products


Hong Kong Premium Egg Noodle (港式全蛋面)

Produced in a traditional Hong Kong style, we use tapioca starch to give our Hong Kong Egg Noodles a silky mouth-feel. These noodles also boast a strong eggy flavour that is accentuated when you stir-fry them with your favourite sauce.


Premium Ee Fu Noodle (伊面)

Our Ee Fu Noodles are chewy with a delightful bite and absolutely scrumptious when braised. Typically served during Chinese banquets, these noodles will bring a smile to your guests’ faces.



Spinach Noodle (菠菜面)

Our Spinach Noodles are made daily by grinding fresh spinach before adding the ground spinach fibre and its juice into the noodle mix. True to our philosophy of producing fresh noodles, no artificial spinach flavouring is used in our Spinach Noodles.

Serve it in a clear broth to bring out the fresh spinach taste for a healthy meal.